Fish or Cut Bait?

I am faced with the nightly decision: Do I work on crochet projects or do I write crochet patterns?  If I do one, I can’t do the other.  And both are equally requested in my Etsy store.

A little bit about me: I’m a full-time working mom of 2-year-old twins.  I am, in a nutshell, busy.  I crochet when I have time but frankly that might not mean every day.  I get a few precious hours after the boys are in bed and before I hit the hay when I can do something for myself.  When I can, I crochet.

Lately that time has been dominated by fulfilling orders.  Which is fabulous, because the good folks making requests have come up with some really awesome ideas.  I have fun tackling these project, but it also means I have to back-burner the personal projects on my to-do list.  My 10-character set from The Big Lebowski has taken twice as long to finish because I just can’t work on it as often as I’d like to.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to work, parent, and craft as much as I wish I could.

In and around all of the project orders are the requests for patterns.  I would love to sell patterns for all of my doll sets, but the time it takes to clearly transcribe the stitches along with photographs of the technically tricky spots is time I’m not spending with my yarn.

Fish or cut bait?

For now I’m fishing.  Which means crocheting, since both activities involve hooks.  I know I promised weeks ago on my Facebook page that patterns would be coming, and I promise I’m very close with my first (Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly & Serenity).  But please forgive me if it takes a bit longer.  I just don’t have time to cut bait.


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