Upcoming Projects

I tend to start out on projects thinking, “I’ll keep this totally secret and just announce it when I’m done.”  Then I get several hours in and the urge to mention it on Twitter overwhelms me and I end up spewing, “BLAHBLAH LEBOWSKIS” or something.

So I’m going to attempt to share some hints about my upcoming projects without completely blowing my wad.  Good luck, everybody else!

The next Etsy order in my queue is another Doctor Who, although I can’t really keep this one secret since it’s already listed in my Sold list on Etsy.  Suffice to say I will be crocheting the tiniest striped scarf in history, as well as a robot dog.

10% complete: A famous vehicle from a classic anime series.  This one started as an order inquiry but even if the buyer doesn’t decide to place the order I’ve already decided to finish it.  Because it’s going to be awesome.

5% complete: A beloved character from Futurama, huggable-sized and may be wired with something electronic.  No, it’s not my favorite character, Hedonism Bot.

0% complete: A total change of pace.  Not a doll, figure, or huggable plush toy, but something Star Trek TOS fans should totally dig.  It might be April before I get to this one.

I’m always open to suggestions and ideas, even if you’re not looking to place an order.  I try to balance orders with stuff that I personally love so feel free give my brain something to ponder.



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