To Brand or not to Brand

If you’re reading this you probably found out about Xanadoodle and this blog sometime around the last 3 days of February.  Right around that time my Han Solo in Carbonite pillow was picked up by BoingBoing and made the rounds on a dozen high-profile nerdy blogs.  My traffic was through the roof and I was totally unprepared for the attention.  Sorry, skimpy blog.

I guess I should have anticipated that not all of the publicity would result in warm fuzzies.  Turns out there are people who would love to use my chosen name “Xanadoodle” to try to siphon off that traffic and make a few bucks for themselves.  On Feb 27, just when the frenzy was at its peak, someone registered Xanadoodles on Etsy and started posting products.

Now, before I settled on Xanadoodle (and rest assured, I know how dumb the name is), I did a bit of research to find out how widely used it was.  Aside from the domain being registered to a Golden Labradoodle breeder and a random Livejournal community, the word was pretty much nonexistant online.  I’m not saying I’m a creative genius to come up with an absurd portmanteau of “Xanadu” and “Doodle.”  I’m just saying I didn’t want to pick a name that someone else had already established.

Remember the “Problems with Popplers” episode of Futurama?  Even the Planet Express employees knew to check name use and chose Popplers over Zitzels.


I’m going to be singing the Fishy Joe’s poppler song all day. If you promise not to sue us you can shove one up your nose.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, so anyway so there’s some chick on Etsy who registered a name that encroaches on mine.  I contacted her to let her know that that’s a little shitty but she went into some kind of screechy defensiveness about her “investment” in the store.  She has 3 items listed.  Her investment is 60 cents.

I know I have avenues to pursue, not the least of which being a trademark claim and an invocation of the Etsy intellectual property policy.  But I’m not sure it’s worth it.

I mean, if you’re here you probably already know Xanadoodle is the place that crochets nerdy stuff.  You’re not going to be fooled by crappy tie-die t-shirts, right?  Right.

Xanadoodle.  Only at Fishy Joe’s.  Ride the walrus.


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