ALL GLORY TO THE (life-sized crochet) HYPNOTOAD

Want to see what May looked like for me?

Hypnotoad - A Tribute to Futurama

Hypnotoad - A Tribute to Futurama

That’s right, I crocheted a “life-sized” Hypnotoad from Futurama.  Why?  Because everybody loves Hypnotoad.  He’s my second favorite Futurama character, next to Hedonism Bot.

The best part, in my humble opinion, is the sound module in the left foreleg that plays the infamous Hypnotoad sound.  Want to hear it?

More pictures after the cut.

Vital Stats:

Size: 22″L x 21″W x 10″H
Weight: Approx 2 lbs 5 oz
Materials: 4 1/2 skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease lamb’s wool acrylic blend yarn (approx 886 yards)
Eyes: DIY craft ornaments with a plastic core and paper exterior.  Hand-painted and finished with 3 coats of high-gloss sealer.  Eyelids are crocheted to fit and stitched to the head.

Do you want to see how he started out life?  Here’s a grotesque glimpse of the body construction before legs and eyes were added and before the mouth was closed:

One last shot to show you the scale of this abomination.  In case you were wondering, he’s toddler-sized.


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