New Blog!

So I know I’ve been lax on the whole updating front.  The thing is, I’m not doing much crochet these days.  I have a persistent pain in my wrist that flares up after a night of stitching, and I’ve cooled it on the fine manual work in the hopes that it will clear up.

This blog is so focused on crochet that I didn’t think I could repurpose it to cover my more general interests.  I mean let’s face it, these recent soap/shaving entries are way out of place.  So I started a new blog.

It’s called That Thing I Like and you can find it over here, if you’re interested.  So far I’ve talked a lot about my nails, a little bit about shaving, and a bit here and there about cooking and my kids.  I may talk crafting when the mood strikes, maybe even crochet.  Either way, I don’t have much to add to this blog for now.  Come find me in that other place!


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