Tutorial: Hair

When I started this blog and decided to make a Tips and Tricks tag I was originally thinking about hair.  After the jump you’ll find a comprehensive guide to hairstyling amigurumis.  It’s just a guide and certainly not intended to be a formal pattern.  I’m hoping it will provide some insight and maybe some inspiration to try some techniques of your own. Continue reading


Tutorial: Basic Xanadoodle Head

I’ve been asked many times if I would sell my patterns.  I would, if I had time to write them down.  Most of my original amigurumi creations are done completely freehand, with stitches and shapes chosen visually at the moment they’re needed.  By the time a doll is finished I’ve got so many stitch decisions in my head that I don’t know where to begin writing them down.  My goal is to make patterns available for sale, but for now I’m offering a free set of instructions for my particular style of basic doll.

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